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Nowadays this technology is running faster than ever if we consider the contribution that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are giving to image-processing software. Selecting the appropriate hardware and being able to design and customize powerful software are two essential aspects for successful vision inspection systems.

We, as Swiss Safety Center, offer a complete turnkey solution as well as consultancy services such as:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Inspection process design/review
  • Vision modules to be integrated into an existing automated lines or third parties machines
  • Integration with IoT and analytics platforms
  • Complete automated machines


Our team of experts continuously checks and tests the latest technologies and devices available on the market in order to be able to provide a solution which is 100% tailored on customers’ needs, optimising costs and performances. Sometimes well-known devices are too powerful for a specific application (hence too expensive), as well as some of them are not able to completely fulfil the requirements: our long experience on the field and our deep know-how allow us to find the best combination at a reasonable price.


The benefits of our solutions are:

  • Full automated visual inspection system for any kind of goods
  • More efficient and cost-effective quality process
  • High level of customization, starting from standard devices and tools available on the market
  • Industry 4.0 compliance
  • Continuous improvement through Machine Learning algorithms
  • Complex problems solving using AI and Deep Learning

«In this regard, we are also already working on the development of intelligent image processing, the so-called «machine vision» discipline, where the software will generate the 3D models, interpret them intelligently, and thus digitally support the inspection of the subject matter experts.» 

Oliver von Trzebiatowski, CTO of the SVTI Group