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We test all the following for you

  • Barrels made of plywood, cardboard, steel, aluminium and other metals
  • Canisters made from steel, aluminium and other metals.
  • Crates made from wood, cardboard, plastic, steel, aluminium and other metals, with or without inner packing layer.
  • Bags made from paper, fabric or plastic webbing 
  • Combination containers
  • Thin steel containers
  • Further objects after individual clarification

The following elements of the standard tests can be performed

  • Drop testing up to 9 m and 500 kg
  • Stack pressure testing at room temperature or in an air-conditioned room
  • Tightness and internal pressure testing of liquid goods containers
  • Permeation testing for plastic containers
  • Testing of containers for infectious and radioactive substances
  • Puncture tests, sprinkler tests

Testing by Swiss Safety Centre AG has its benefits

  • Checking and forwarding the test report to the responsible conformity assessment body simplifies the administrative process and accelerates the testing and approval process.
  • Testing appointments can also be made at short notice. 
  • Specialists from Swiss Safety Center AG are members of experienced international organisations and the European Standards Committee, CEN TC-261.
  • As a customer, you can take part in the testing and hence directly gain insight into the development of new products.