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Issue of the type approval

The requirement for this is a successfully completed IBC type approval at an accredited test centre as well as a manufacturer quality assurance programme, recognised by Swiss Safety Center AG.
The approval holder is responsible for ensuring that the IBC is manufactured according to the type approval.



The approval holder receives the UN mark for the tested type along with the type approval. The RID / ADR 6.5.2 marking on the IBC indicates that it corresponds to a successfully tested type and that it complies with the requirements of this chapter. The labelling makes no indication as to the substance for which the IBC may be used.


Validity of the type approval

Swiss type approvals are valid for a maximum of 10 years, as long as no changes to the relevant requirements occur. Upon expiry of the period of validity, at the request of the holder, the type approval may be checked for compliance with the transport regulations in force at the time. If the type still complies with the applicable transport regulations, the type approval can be extended after performing a complete type test according to RID / ADR, Chapter 6.5.4.


Modification of the type approval

Changes to the type must be applied for by the approval holder and ratified by Swiss Safety Center AG.  A new version of the type approval and, if necessary, further inspections are needed if there are changes to the specifications of the IBC defined in the test report and in the type approval.
The approval holder is obligated to apply to Swiss Safety Center AG for the necessary modifications to the type approval as a result of changes to the rules.


Type approval annulment by Swiss Safety Center AG

IBC type approvals which no longer correspond to the relevant transport requirements will be withdrawn.