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All metal IBCs, rigid plastic IBCs and combination IBCs for liquids or solid substances that are filled or emptied under pressure must be subjected to a suitable leak test at intervals not exceeding 2½ years.


Inspections are performed

  • by a recognised conformity assessment body, or
  • via operations that fill, clean or perform maintenance work on bulk containers (IBCs) and have the appropriate approval from a recognised conformity assessment body


Inspections are performed under sole responsibility of the owner / operator / user. The inspection deadline can be found on the certificate. The relevant Registration form is provided for this purpose.

Preparations for periodic inspections of bulk containers (IBC) by companies is described in Information sheet IF48912.
If the safety of an IBC or its associated service equipment could be impaired, then repair / maintenance should be carried out. Prior to commencing repair, the approach needs to be agreed with Swiss Safety Centre AG.