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Inspections (periodic inspections) are carried out according to the dangerous goods transport regulations (SDR / RSD, ADR / RID) as well as according to the European guideline TPED) RL 2010/35 / EU and the corresponding European standards.
Periodic check intervals depend on the contents, the pressure vessel type and the application (ADR / RID, section, containment instructions P200 and P203). 

Inspections at the customer site

Inspections can be carried out externally at the customer site if the corresponding locations and facilities are available.
In addition, our modern, automated and mobile AutosonicTM ultrasound testing facility allows inspections of seamless pressure vessels at the customer site. 

Inspection at the Wallisellen test centre

Swiss Safety Center AG testing facility opening times

We provide a wide range of services in our modern and independent testing lab.  Our main activity is the periodic testing of various pressure vessels by means of hydraulic pressure testing or ultrasound test procedure. This test method has the advantage that the filled pressure vessel can be tested with the valve screwed into place. In addition, the time-consuming cleaning process prior to refilling is eliminated.

Tests are carried out on the following pressure vessels:

  • Pressure vessels for compressed gases
  • Pressure vessels for liquefied gases
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Refrigerant containers
  • Diving cylinders


These are subjected to recurrent inspections every 5 years according to the Ordinance for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road (SDR). Between periodic inspections, a visual inspection must be carried out at an interval of 2.5 years.

  • Propane containers for mobile homes (LPG)
  • These containers must be checked every 10 years. Tests are performed on the unmounted, empty and cleaned container. The safety valve is replaced every ten years. Please observe the liquid gas guideline, EKAS 6517, for gas storage in vehicles (LPG)
  • Gas storage in LPG vehicles
  • Gas storage tanks of vehicles powered by liquid propane / butane must be periodically inspected every 10 years at the very minimum. Tests are performed on the unmounted, empty and cleaned container.
  • Gas storage in vehicles (CNG)
  • Gas storage tanks of CNG vehicles (with compressed natural gas or natural gas-powered vehicles or similar) are visually inspected once installed. The inspection interval is 4 years. The lifespan of such pressure containers is a maximum of 20 years.  If the vehicle is type approved to ECE-R110, visual and leak testing may be performed by a certified CNG mechanic.