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The application process

A type approval application can be made at any time. The applicant must complete the corresponding application form and the documents along with their mandate to examine the type approval in accordance with EN 12972, item in duplicate form. The application form (FO46027) can be requested from Swiss Safety Center AG by e-mail.


Type approval validity

Type approvals from a conformity assessment body are valid for 10 years notwithstanding any changes to the relevant requirements. Upon expiry, a type approval review will take place at the request of the approval holder and in accordance with the relevant regulations at that time.
If the series still complies with the applicable regulations, the type approval may be renewed after performing a complete check in accordance with RID / ADR, Chapter

Type approval modification

Modifications of the type approval must be requested by the approval holder and ratified by an approved conformity assessment body.
A new version of the type approval, agreement and, if appropriate, verifications are necessary if there are changes to the specifications of the tank defined in the test report and in the type approval.
The approval holder is obligated, upon changes to the regulations occurring, to request the necessary modifications to the type approval by the conformity assessment body.

Type approval annulment

Type approvals for tanks of a series no longer in compliance with the applicable regulations will be withdrawn.
Additionally, Swiss Safety Center AG type approvals which are no longer required must be declared.