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Assemblies (in accordance with Directive 2014/68/EU and the Swiss Ordinance on the Safety of Pressure Equipment, DGV SR 930.114) consist of multiple items of pressure equipment that the manufacturer will combine into one functional unit. Assemblies must undergo a conformity assessment. 
This includes:

  • Assessing each individual item of pressure equipment
  • Assessing the combination of the individual parts of the assembly
  • Assessing the protective aspects of the assembly before the admissible operating limits are exceeded

Unlike simple pressure equipment, the focus is on the combined parts of the equipment, the risks that arise and any required safety measures. The safety-related elements of individual items of equipment in an assembly, combined with fault protection and controls, play an important role in the process.
By making a conformity declaration, the manufacturer or its representative established in Switzerland declares that the assembly meets all the requirements for placement on the market, in particular the essential safety requirements, and that it has successfully passed the necessary conformity assessment procedure. 


Achieving conformity primarily involves:

  • A review of the risk analysis and defined safety measures
  • A design review
  • On-site acceptance with an inspection of the safety functions
  • Certification


Swiss Safety Center AG, the market leader in Switzerland and a recognised conformity assessment body (Notified Body EC 1253) for pressure equipment throughout Europe, will support you in implementing the Ordinance.

  • EN 764-7 "Safety systems for unfired pressure equipment"
  • EN 12952 "Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations"
  • EN 12953 "Shell boilers"
  • EN378-2 "Refrigerating systems and heat pumps – Safety and environmental requirements"